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Инструменты Lit-L-Loc


BTM’s Lit-L-Loc units are an economical approach to fastening sheet metal assemblies with a small upstanding flange. BTM can configure Lit-L-Loc units to join a range of metal thicknesses or optimize them for a specific thickness. For increased flexibility, the punch and die can be reversed in these units, allowing the Tog-L-Loc® “button” to form in either direction. Lit-L-Loc units can be ordered individually, or as part of a complete kit which includes a pressure booster which converts shop air into hydraulic forces, and an 80 inch [2 meter] hose assembly.
  • Clinches a maximum total thickness of 2mm mild steel.
  • Operates with an Air/Oil Booster.
  • Reversible tooling (punch and die can be swapped to form the "button" on either side of the part.)





Standard Units

ll_175 lldt1_175 lldt2_175
7.0mm [.28"] Throat Depth 38.1mm [1.50"] Throat Depth 76.2mm [3.00"] Throat Depth


Typical Part Configurations Compatible With Lit-L-Loc Units

                  16sj  17sj  19sj  23sj  24sj       




User Guide

cpe3 cpe5




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